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Broadview Acres Campground Rules & Information

1. The owners and management of this campground are not responsible for any damages due to direct/general damages, incidental damages, and/or consequential damages. Campers/Visitors must carry their own insurance to protect against damage including but not limited to fire, theft, freezing, accidents, loss of life, loss of limbs, Acts of God, etc. You understand that you are camping at your own risk.

2. Management reserves the right to evict anyone who refuses to comply with the rules and regulations set forth or whose conduct, manner or actions are uncomplimentary to the campground. Management reserves the right to complete public record background checks and evict anyone due to the results. Management and designated volunteers have the right to ask for camping receipts, visitor passes, and fishing passes. NO REFUNDS will be given for anyone who is evicted.

3. The use of illegal drugs on the campground premises will be cause for immediate and permanent ejection for the park.

4. Alcohol is permitted for those over 21. Contributing to a minor will result in immediate ejection from the grounds. Alcohol is not allowed in the office or pool areas. Alcohol must be ‘hidden’ when you are not on your campsite, it should be in a koozie or cup.

5. Fire arms and fireworks are not allowed in the campground. Fireworks may be supplied by the campground during holiday weekends. You are invited to enjoy at your own risk. The owners and management are not responsible for injury/damage resulting from firework displays. (See #1)

6. Check in time is 2:00 pm. Check out time is 2:30 pm. Late check out is available if arranged by management in advance.

7. No loud music will be tolerated at any campsites, at any time. Quiet time starts at 11:00 PM. All golf carts should be parked at your campsite by then.

8. Management and owners are not responsible for monitoring your children. If you feel that they are not safe without supervision (where permitted), you will need to supervise them. Children under the age of 6 are not permitted at the playground without adult supervision. Children under the age of 10 must be monitored by an adult when they are near the pond. All children should be at their campsite by dark. Parents are held responsible for the actions of their children anywhere in the campground. 

9. Tents are not to remain in one spot longer than three days.

10. If you are not on a sewage hook up, and your camper does not have a holding tank, you must have a tote tank to hook up to your camper. You are responsible for emptying your own tank. Absolutely no dumping of sewage (or gray water) on the ground, in the pond, or creeks. Please keep sewer caps on trailers and dump tanks. Open containers must have lids. Services are offered to empty your tank. Check with the office for pricing and details.

*Seasonal campers must sign up by Sunday at noon, for their weekly dump

11. ALL VISITORS must stop in at the office. Visitors will be asked to show ID, provide vehicle descriptions, and provide names and ages for other guests joining them. This is for security purposes. In the event of an emergency, we need to account for all visitors on the property. Visitor fee is $3.00 per person, per day. Overnight pass is $5.00 per person, per night. Seasonal campers may purchase a seasonal visitors pass for their guests for $75.00 per person, per season. Visitors under the age of two are FREE. An additional fee of $5.00 per visitor will be billed to the campsite, for all guests found in violation. It is the registered camper’s responsibility to explain all of the campground rules to their guests!

*Seasonal Camping site rental includes unlimited usage for two adults and children who live in your home. Grandchildren are included if you are their legal guardian. Children over the age of 18 are included if they are still in school. Children over the age of 23 are not included and must pay visitor rates.

*Overnight, Weekly, and Monthly camping rates include 2 adults and 3 children. Additional guests must pay the visitor rates.

12. Seasonal campers rent that is paid by credit card will be charged a credit card fee of 2.5%. Seasonal campers rent is due by opening day, No Exceptions. If rent is not paid, a storage lien will be assessed and the campground will file for ownership of your camper, to be sold at auction to recover unpaid fees. Seasonal campers are responsible for paying your own metered electric & annual taxes (if billed by the county) for your site. You will be required to complete an End of the Year closeout form and electric bills must be paid at closing to avoid a $100.00 collection fee.

13. Seasonal campers are responsible for the maintenance of their lot and will mow & weed their own lot. If it is not mowed, a fee of $20.00 will be billed for mowing. Monday is inspection day for all lots and fire rings.

14. Seasonal campers who want to move lots within the campground, must be moved by the end of April. After May 1st, there is an administrative fee of $250.00 to change lots. Any additions to your lot or camper such as sheds, decks, or porches must be approved by the owners/management. Do not cut trees or bushes without the consent of management.

15. Camping Season is from mid-April thru mid-October. The winter storage fee is $500.00. Winter storage fees are billed on Nov.1 and winter storage ends on February 28th. An additional $50.00 late fee will be charged on March 1st, and $10.00 per day afterwards for campers that are not out by February 28th. This fee is waived for returning campers.

16. If you plan to sell your camper, please see the office before placing a for sale sign on it. If you sell your camper the new owner is responsible for signing a new lease and paying new lot rent. Once a new owner occupies the camper, their lot rent is due. No refunds on lot rent if you vacate before the season ends. The campground takes possession if you leave early, therefore you cannot “give” your lot to anyone when you leave. Everything that you sold must be removed from the lot immediately, including sheds & decks.

17. The pool will open on Memorial Day weekend, and it will close Labor Day weekend. No lifeguard is on duty, you will be swimming at your own risk. All children under the age of 14 must be supervised by an adult. No diving, running, jumping, shoving, horse playing, or jumping off someone’s shoulders. Do not throw coins or objects of this nature in the pool. No cutoff shorts allowed, bathing suits only. Children who are not toilet trained must be in a pool diaper. T-shirts worn in the pool must be 100% plain white cotton shirts. No rafts or tubes allowed. Rings can be used by small children. No pets, food, drinks, candy, rafts, etc. permitted in the pool. No glass containers allowed in the pool area. No swimming, wading, or playing of any kinds is allowed in the creek or the pond.

18. Fishing rules and passes for campers are covered under separate provisions. Please see management for more information if you are interested in fishing.

19. Trash must be collected from your site, and placed in the dumpster. Only trash bags are allowed in the dumpsters. No large items. No dumping is allowed on grounds, creeks, or the pond. A $100.00 fine will be charged for anyone caught violating the trash/dumping policy.

20. All fires must be inside of a fire ring, and put out when not monitored. Rings are for campfires only. NO BURNING TRASH! All wood is to be stacked neatly and not thrown in a pile.

21. Pets are allowed, with the exception of pit bulls. There will be no pit bull/mixes allowed. You are expected to clean up after your pets. Pets outside of a fenced in yard, must be on a leash. Any excessive barking, day or night, will not be tolerated. Pets are not permitted in the office, Friendship Hall, restrooms, or the pool area. Do not leave pets unattended outside of your camper, if you are leaving the campground. NO EXCEPTIONS.

22. Golf Carts are allowed, and they are to be driven by licensed drivers only. You may be asked to park your golf cart, if you are intoxicated. Carts driven after dark must be equipped with lights. No golf carts are allowed on the hills. The owners and management are not responsible for damage or injury as a result of an operating golf cart. (See #1).

23. Swearing should be controlled, as we are a family friendly campground.

24. If severe weather approaches, we will make every attempt to clear the property and notify the campers. In the event of inclement weather, please seek shelter immediately. The bath house will be open for shelter.

25. Speed limit is 5 mph for all moving objects (vehicles, golf carts, etc.)

26. Bikes go in the bike rack when you are in the pool or the store. Bikes MUST be put up at dusk. No motor bikes, ATV’s, skateboards, or go carts are permitted in the campground.

27. Use roadways to get to your destination. Do NOT cut through other campers lots. Do not use golf cart paths for vehicles.

28. Do not cut, deface, or damage any buildings, tables, lawn furniture, shrubs, flowers, timber (dead or alive) or any campground property. Do not climb trees.

29. Do not bother the rabbits, cats, or any other wildlife and animals on the property.

30. Parking is allowed for two vehicles per lot. For additional parking, use the designated parking areas.

31. No playing in restrooms. Showers are not to be left on, when not in use. No smoking in the restrooms

32. No clotheslines are allowed in the campground.

33. Playground equipment must be checked out in the office. Lost & Damaged equipment will be billed at replacement cost.

34. No storing of vehicles, campers, trailers, etc. allowed. They will be considered as abandoned, and towed at the owner’s expense


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